Connecting the Dots

ns& Immune2

From the last blog you now know that chiropractic care supports optimal nervous system function allowing you to handle additional stressors life can throw at you.

ns& Immune2With regards to the immune system, some circles within science view it as a sensory system of its own as it has clusters of specialised cells strategically located through out the body ready to detect and respond to any foreign threat. This also resembles how your nervous system is the major sensory system of the body and that we could view them as one system or very closely linked systems.

In other research chiropractic care has been shown to influence the chemicals of the immune system. 

Bringing this together, we have stress that can negatively impact the brain and nervous systems ability to regulate body function and a close link between the nervous system and immune system functions. One role of an optimally functioning nervous system is to balance the immune system response, as a too great or too little immune response can be potentially harmful.

Could this mean that being adjusted can put you in a better state to handle additional stressors you may face and go a long way to supporting your ability for better health and vitality? 

The choices, as always is yours.

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