Connected or Disconnected


Why do I like to measure a persons brain and nervous system function?

The reason is that most people living a modern westernised life are totally disconnected to what is occurring in their body. 

They have no awareness of how fast or slow that their heart is beating or how fast or slow that they are breathing. No awareness of the tension they are holding in their muscles whether it is in their jaw, neck, shoulders or low back.

This disconnection may be due to the modern need to be doing something all the time, even when “relaxing”. Scrolling through social media on their phone or watching Netflix or playing Xbox. Very few people value or take the time to completely stop when they rest and tune in to what their body is telling them about how it is function under the sensory bombardment of their constantly busy lifestyle.

imagesTaking time out each day to spend 10-15min of non sleep, deep rest has shown to have tremendous benefits to a persons physical and mental health. This is one of a few reasons why I recommend the posture pole home exercise to most of my practice members.

Taking time to slow down and rest without filling the time with modern device distractions is a wonderful addition as a healthy lifestyle choice benefiting the impact of your regular chiropractic adjustment and your physical and mental health both in the short and long term.

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