Concept Chiropractic

Nervous system chart

Chiropractic sprang into being back in 1895, making it 125yrs old. It’s has grown and been refined. Some knowledge has been surpassed and improved while some, sadly, lost to the history of time.

Nervous system chartThe society we live in has also changed in the last 125yrs. Technology, food supply chains, sanitation and standards of living have all gone forward but the basics of good health remain the same.

Chiropractic was founded on the concept that every person requires optimal nerve supply from brain to body and then body back to brain for the optimal expression of health and life. The anatomical nature of a person is that this nervous system is so critical for life, that this soft, fragile tissue is encased and protected by hard bones of the spine. This spine not only provides protection for the nervous system but is the structural support of the body and allows attachments for muscles giving us the ability to move.

Chiropractics concept is simple, if the nervous system is interfered from doing its function then less than optimal function can be expressed in the body and in the quality of a persons life and health.

The role of the chiropractor is to locate and then adjust the cause of this neurological interference, keep it “un-interfered” with long enough for the body’s natural healing ability to take place and get back to expressing 100% quality of life.

This concept is what sets chiropractic apart and makes it unique in todays health care space.

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