Choices and Changes

Quest for Enhancement.

Is your lifestyle supporting an optimal quality of life and longevity of life?

Health is often recognised as the most important asset but just left to chance. As modern humans who have seemingly solved so many of the worlds problems with amazing technological solutions yet have found themselves in a chronic health crisis never seen before.

Chronic health issues like mental health, cognitive decline (alzheimers and dementia) neuroregulation issues (behavioural problems and learning difficulties), the obesity and infertility epidemic, digestive and immune system issues have all risen dramatically the century.

Chronic health issues arise slowly over time when the brain and body are being pushed outside their limits day in day out. Another way to say this is they are caused by the lifestyle being lived.

Even though we have solved many problems with technological advancement, it is my contention that this advancement and thinking that drove it has pushed us into a way of living that the brain and body cannot sustain.

Quest for Enhancement.

Building a lifestyle that supports optimal quality and longevity of life will require us to make choices and changes from what we are doing on mass in society. Taking on new knowledge regarding circadian rhythm (increasing natural light exposure and decreasing artificial light exposure, especially after dark). Moving away from the standard modern diet high in processed, chemically ladened foods, back towards seasonal home grown foods.

Valuing a greater work life balance by taking more time to stop, rest and recover, time to small the roses as it were. Spending more time in nature and away from technology based leisure time. Getting the balance of enough movement verses over exercising and injuring the body. Looking at chiropractic beyond symptom care and towards its brain based impact for optimising quality and potentially longevity of life.

To get a change in your quality of health, you will need to change things within your lifestyle. Change cannot occur without thinking and doing things differently. The choice is yours.

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