Choice and Information Overload


We live in the information age where with only a few clicks we have access to all the information on almost any topic we want.

PerspectiveThis should be empowering, helping you to make more informed choice for yourself. Yet what do you do when so much information contradicts? Should I eat this or that? Should I do cardio or weights? Should I measure my health by how I feel or function? It is very easy to find information to support what ever point of view you might lean towards on the web.

Due to this abundance of information, choice and ability of just about anyone to put information, opinion or belief on the web, regardless of qualification, you can see why some get information overload or paralysed by choice.

Personally I’m not against gaining information off the web but I am always conscious of trying to find out if the information is coming from a creditable and reputable source, without a conflict of interest or driving an alternative agenda. 

So this information age can be a double edged sword. This doesn’t mean we should disregard it as a way to grow our understanding on a topic but apply a level of decrement when using it. Perhaps if you see something that is creating a big stir on social media or read something you don’t fully understand on the web, it might be prudent to run it past someone you know or trust in that field for their take on it. 

Often misunderstandings come from differing points of view or the whole information may not have been revealed or interpreted correctly. 

I’m a firm believer in “Just because its popular doesn’t make it true”. Once upon a time popular thought was that the earth was flat. A lack of evidence in many areas exists for many reasons, one of which may be that no one has looked into it yet.

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