Chiropractic: Pain or Brain


For most people they begin going to a chiropractor to get rid of their pain. As a chiropractor I know I cannot reach into someone’s body and remove their pain though.

images-151So how does chiropractic help a person get beyond their pain or problem?

It is via brain function. Your body has been designed with the ability to regulate and repair itself but stressors whether physical, chemical or emotional that are more than you can adapt too, alters your brains ability to regulate the functions of the body and repair it.

The chiropractic adjustment process restores and optimises your brains ability to do this. Combining your regular chiropractic adjustments with healthy lifestyle choices like exercise, diet, meditation and gratitude, then repeat day after day will set you back on a path to vibrant and optimal function and health.

Chiropractic, optimising your brain not chasing your pain.

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