Chiropractic: Founded on Tone not Bone


For most people, their understanding of chiropractic is that we are bone or back doctors.

vibrationsIt might surprise you to learn that back in 1895, chiropractic was founded on the tone of  your nervous system. That if nerves from the spinal cord were “too tight” or “too loose” this effected the way information (signals) travelled over them.

Modern research in the field of neurophysiology has recognised the piezoelectric nature of the nervous system which confirms that the tone of the nerves impacts the way signals travel over them.

The nervous system is the master control system for the entire body and mind. If this is effected, most commonly by stressors beyond your ability to cope then you function physically and mentally below an optimum level.

As you loose the ability to adapt to your environment this is where symptoms and health issues arise from.

Optimising the tone of your nervous system with regular chiropractic helps maximise your ability to adapt to your environment and express optimal health and quality of life.

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