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Social media catch a cold

Are you aware that when stress builds up and persists medium to long term, one of the changes is that the brain down regulates and loses optimal control of the immune system function?

The stress could come in the form of busy, negative mental chatter that goes on in our head, or emotional challenges that we struggle to regulate; toxins in our environment or food sources, especially processed foods and refined sugars but also physical stressors from repeated poor postures from time on modern devices, sitting at work over a computer or even lounging at home watching TV, being inactive or in some peoples cases over exercising and not allowing the body enough recovery time. Then it is most likely to be a combination of several of these ongoing at the same time.

Social media catch a coldAll of these and other stressors that we face within our lives impact optimal brain function and when the brain fails to adapt and moves into a defensive survival pattern, one of the consequences is a down regulated immune system. It is turned off!

Essential this means you don’t have anyone on guard to defend you from the micro-organisms like bacteria and viruses that already reside within you and around you. With the immune system off line these bacteria and viruses are free to take hold and multiply leading to you becoming sick with a cold or flu.

Unfortunately you didn’t “catch” the cold or flu, you were run down via an inability to adapt to stress. The brain having been pushed into a defensive survival pattern and lost control of your immune system to defend you.

This is why most often when a person faces a stressful period in their life, like work deadlines, exam periods for students, family or relationships challenges etc, people often end up getting a cold or the flu.

Moving your mindset and language from “I caught a cold” to “I’m run down and this allowed the flu to get a foot hold” shifts you from being a victim to being the one in control of your health.

This is one more reason why as a chiropractor I focus on measuring the brain patterns and delivering adjustments that support optimal brain function so you can express greater adaptability and resilience in this modern fast paced life.

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