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Information that is new, presented in a novel way and is exciting to that person will be learnt and retained. It will be committed to memory.

New, novel and exciting information causes neurons (brain cells) to fire and as this is repeated new brain circuits are created. This is where the saying in neuroscience “ neurons that fire together, wire together” comes from.


From before we were born we have been creating these brain pathways. A baby learns how to roll, sit, crawl, walk and talk by repeating the action until the new pathway was built and strengthened. Initially it took a great expenditure of effort, energy and perseverance to achieve the result but once the new brain pathway is laid down it can be done almost subconsciously with very little energy expended.

This ability to create and build new brain pathways remains with us throughout all of life. This is now referred to as neuroplasticity. The brains ability to create new connections and pathways so we can adapt and overcome challenges we may face.

The way to enhance this process is to keep learning in new, novel and exciting ways. While stress will rewire the brain for survival and protection, learning new information or skills that expand your boundaries and create a level of internal excitement will allow neuroplasticity to wire the brain towards greater health and quality of life.

You are what you repeat; repeat choices that enhance and build better brain function not detract from it.   

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