Bone or Nerve


The perception from the public is that chiropractic is about spinal bones out of place but is this really true? 

2577907b11da3477f1c4ea26c0fcbe95--chiropractic-office-chiropractic-careI would contend that chiropractic’s primary objective is to help promote better health through optimal nervous system function. 

With this understanding it might alter why and how often you go to a chiropractor.

I was taught that the bones of the spine are a passive, interlocking, protective structure. This means that they cannot move themselves and are there to protect the very vital master control system of the body, the nervous system. 

The muscles are the active component that move the bones but require the signals from the brain via the nervous system to create this movement. This would mean that spinal bones that are out of place occur due to imbalance muscle tension coming from signals sent by the brain to adapt you to your environment.

Chiropractic may do the majority of its input via the spine but it is to influence the function of brain signals. This feedback loop from body to brain and back again is the mechanism by which chiropractic relies to help people recover from issues and if care is continued potential prevention of future issues.

The nervous system communicates with every muscle, organ, gland and tissue in the body and also influences emotions, thinking and the biochemistry of the body. 

So the public’s perception that chiropractic deals with spinal bones that are out of place may not be completely wrong but it may also not be the complete full picture. 

Perhaps it is time to re-examine how you perceive chiropractic to optimize your health naturally.

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