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I often see people seeking the best supplement to take to restore their health or argue over the best diet, the best exercise program to maximise their health. All these are good things and can help improve a persons health but they all rely on the nervous system working at its best.

1*pk1xWnpLF-_Ur-m2U248tQThe nervous system is the master control system of the body and holds the key to the body’s incredible ability to heal. Having the best diet or taking the best supplements still relies on the nervous systems control of the digestive system to breakdown the food appropriately then transport the nutrients via the blood stream to where they are required to do their job. Even the best exercise program needs the nervous system functioning at its best so muscles can contract and relax at the right time for optimal movement, strength and flexibility then post training so you can recover appropriately in time for the next work out.

Seeking out the best is a good thing in lifestyle choices like diet and exercise but making sure your nervous system functions at its best allows these lifestyle choices to make maximum impact. 

Chiropractic care aims to optimise your nervous systems ability to control all your body’s function so you can express the best life possible.

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