Be Active


Continuing our series on Routines within lockdown, this week we look at the role of activity and exercise. 

imagesIt is well accepted that exercise is an important lifestyle habit for good health but be careful as it can be a double edged sword. Just because some is good doesn’t always mean more is better. Over exercising can also have a negative impact with the development of overuse injuries. 

This is why I think it is important to draw the distinction between activity and exercise and find balance between the two. Exercise for most people is about increasing fitness while activity can be geared more towards building health through movement. The major difference will often be the intent, intensity and duration of the activity under taken.

Finding the right balance for you may just be the critical component for life in general but especially during lockdown.

We should “move” the body every day which could be as simple as a walk, doing stretches, pilates or in various cultures things like yoga or Tia Chi. More vigorous forms of exercise, like running, cycling, lifting weights, HIIT and personal training session may need to be spaced out to every other day or less times per week in order to prevent over use injures and allow the body recovery time.

I think variety in type, style, intensity and duration are all important factors in activity and exercise for both the body and the mind.

If you have not already developed routines around an active lifestyle for general health I would recommend beginning during lockdown.

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