Avoid Becoming a Statistic


Are symptoms, pain, illness and disease the body’s expression of being in an environment and living a lifestyle that is not what we were designed to be in or living?

GraphAs we get close to the finish of the second decade of the 21st century, the problems that plagued our health have changed from that of the 20th century. We now suffer more chronic illness and disease, which are attributed to as diseases of lifestyle.

We as humans are the only living creatures who can constantly manipulate the environment we live in. This manipulation is pushing our biology beyond what it is capable of and the rise in chronic illnesses and disease is the result.

With modern technology not going away, what solutions do we have to help our health flourish? The answer may lay within the daily choices you make, the things you choose to put value on. If your health is of value to you, what changes are you prepared to make to promote it?

Regular chiropractic check ups?

Spend more time outdoors in nature, at the beach getting adequate sunlight?

Eating simple, fresh, in season foods?

Avoiding processed foods that are high in calories and low in nutrition?

Protecting your eyes from the high blue light spectrum from modern screens and lights?

Turn the Wifi off in the house at night?

Stopping to smell the roses with daily meditation, prayer and gratitude practices?

Watching the sunrise and set each day?

Being content with who you are, what you have and where you are going?

Change isn’t always easy, comfortable or popular but change that supports healthy biological function may allow you to avoid becoming a statistic of the 21st Century chronic illness trend.

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