Are We There Yet?


Once it used to be a childhood question that drove parents crazy on the long car drive to a sunny beach side holiday but more and more it is the question being asked about recovery from illness and other health issues.

iu-2The question is, is health a destination or a journey? The mentality of health being a destination is that you don’t have put any more work in when you arrive there. If your mentality is that health is a journey then the lifestyle choices and habits your created along the way you will continue to do so you can enjoy the great benefits of health.

The “Are we there yet” health mentality takesyou away form living in the present moment to often stressing about this future destination. It may also let you abdicate your responsibility for healthy lifestyle choices and want others to do the work for you.

Seeing your health as a journey allows you to take personal responsibility for your health and the lifestyle choices you make each moment to achieve a greater quality of life. It will help you live in the present moment, be thankful for it and with gratitude radiate that out to those around you.

For me, my health is a moment to moment journey built on healthy lifestyle choices, not some far off holiday destination.


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