Adaptability is Health


Your ability to adapt to an ever-changing world is being recognised in the field of neuroscience as a key to sustaining health. This ability to adapt is linked to the optimal function of the nervous system, the ability of your brain and body to communicate without interference. 

AdaptabilityIf your lifestyle choices or environment are constantly pushing the nervous system into the survival zone, this will impact your adaptability and therefore slowly begin to erode your health. At first you may not notice it, but as time goes by, at some point, if you are lucky, you will begin to express symptoms of this inability to adapt. If these are ignored or masked through pain or symptom suppressing drugs it will eventually lead to the development of a condition or disease process. 

As clever as we modern humans have become at creating technology to make our lives “better”, thinking we can step away from or override the body’s basic needs seems to be the base cause of the loss of adaptability. It may also explain the dramatic rise in chronic health issues over the past two decades to never seen before levels.

The rise in non native electromagnetic frequencies (nnEMF) from wifi, mobile phones and high speed internet, the irrational fear of the sun and increased exposure to blue light frequency from our modern screens (phones, tablets & TV’s) and cool white lighting in homes and offices are part of this ever changing environment driving our nervous systems into chronic low grade activation of its survival response.

To combat this chronic activation of the survival side of our nervous system, rest and recovery techniques need to increase. Things like, meditation, prayer, deep breathing techniques, walks and time in nature, moderate times in sunshine each day, watching more sunrises and sunsets, getting to bed early, choosing regular chiropractic care may all need to become high priorities in our lives. All these are the types of activities that balance out the over activation of the survival zone of the nervous system.

This can provide the optimal nervous system balance which leads to greater adaptability which helps you remain healthy in this ever-changing modern world. 

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