Ability to heal


Do you trust your own ability to heal?

Growing up I was taught that the power that made the body heals the body and that the body needs no help to heal, just no interference.

This is still true today but for many they have lost faith in the body’s natural innate ability to heal.  Modern medicine by default has enforced this lack of trust in the body’s ability to fight off infection, sickness and adapt and heal by the pushing of drugs and medications to serve every ill and symptom.

As a modern society we no longer trust the body to right and restore health through the use of rest and time when it gets run down and challenged.

Abilty-to-healOver 20 years ago now research showed that stress is the primary factor in over 90% of all illnesses. Now stress comes in various forms but simply put they can be physical, chemical, mental/emotional in nature. The stress can be in the form of too much of something; excess that is toxic or too little of something; a lack causing a deficiency.

The truth still remains that you possess the power and ability within to heal, it just needs the right lifestyle choices done long enough over time to achieve the job.

How you think, what you eat and do each day has the power to promote great health or ill health. Choose wisely.

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