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With the rapid rise in chronic health conditions occurring already this century compared with last century, has preventing illness via promoting healthy lifestyle habits become even more important?

images-138Even with the speed at which medical breakthrough and technology in working with disease and illness is occurring, chronic health issues continue to rise sharply. This should encourage each person to become proactive in maintain their health and wellness rather than crossing their fingers in hope of a cure tomorrow.

If you break lifestyle habits and stressors into 3 main areas, Physical, Chemical and Emotional, it can be easier to identify where you may need to focus to get the best results.

Your physical environment includes things like posture, exercise and activity levels at work, rest and play.

Your chemical environment includes things like foods, toxins you come in contact with and artificial EMF from mobile phones and wifi.

Your emotional environment includes the health of your relationships with family and friends, your work, deadlines finances, traffic, to just name a few and our ability to cope with the general busyness of life.

Any or all of these areas can get out of balance. When they do and you can no longer adapt or cope, your nervous system throws you into the stress response of fight or flight. This inability to cope with toxic stress levels is now considered the primary contributing factor in over 90% of all chronic illnesses.

So prevention is a far better strategy than waiting for someone else to come up with a cure. It simply comes down to the choices you make each day.

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