What We Think About…We Bring About


A part of living from an Inside Out perspective is gaining mastery of your internal thought life for external success. Last week I spoke on having an attitude of gratitude, a mental posture of thankfulness. In becoming a master of your internal world, this will require you to learn how to take every thought captive.

99f649908a046bd6f59cd3895e38ab79I have not stopped to count the number of thoughts that go through my head each day but it would be in the thousands if not the tens of thousands. Some of these thoughts are worthwhile and would take me forward in life but many would not and may even have the potential to tear me down.

The practice of evaluating your thoughts through asking yourself “Is this thought going to help me improve my health, reach my goals or live out my values?” has the potential to shape you and your success in life. If you were to respond “Yes”, then I suggest meditate on that thought and take action on it, but if “No”, cast it out, move on. It won’t be too long before the next thought rolls in.

In a world where there are many things outside an individuals control, your internal thoughts are one thing you can have some control over. You can choose what thoughts you focus on and as you build the practice of mastering those thoughts, shape the direction and outcomes of your life.

If it is true that what you think about you bring about, then learning the art of taking every thought captive, becoming a master of your internal life may just lay the platform for the external success you desire in life.

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