What is Chiropractic


This week I was asked to answer questions on chiropractic for a chiropractic student. The first question was “What is Chiropractic?”

Happy-Family-Why-It’s-So-Important-to-Your-KidsIt is a great question because how you see chiropractic will determine how you use it.

Do you see chiropractic as a treatment for back pain, neck pain or maybe headaches? If you do, this will determine when you would consider chiropractic care necessary. If you see chiropractic as valid and useful in other health crisis’s beyond joint and muscle pain, then this too will determine when you would use chiropractic.

What if you saw chiropractic as part of your healthy lifestyle? That you saw it as optimising your nervous systems function so it can control and co-ordinate every function, organ and muscle in your body! What if chiropractic was much more than just a treatment for when you are in crisis and is more a unique and distinct form of health care that is about maximising your health, wellness and quality of life? This would influence why and when you would choose chiropractic.

Could you see chiropractic adding life to your years beyond what you are currently experiencing?

The potential of chiropractic is determined by how you see it. Do you have the complete picture?

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