What Do You Value?


Where do your values lie? Is it in a special possession or the number of possessions you have? Is it in the job you have, the status you have gained or the money you earn? Is it in how you look, the clothes you wear or the friends you keep? Is it in family, significant relationships or something less thought of; your health?

images-75Most people don’t value their health until it is lost. It is one thing that is too often taken for granted. Health is often pushed to a lower priority in pursuit of other values mentioned above, but it has been said “in our youth we spend our health to gain wealth only to spend that wealth to regain our health when we are older”.

As a wellness focused chiropractor, I see how poor health can affect everything you do and everyone you know. If health is not within your top values then little to no time is placed in improving it. At best, if health is a lower priority, the goal will only be to suppress symptoms so you can soldier on doing or gaining in higher prioritised values despite the underlying cost to your health.

If losing your health does truly affect everything you do and everyone you know, eventually ignoring your declining health warning signs will impact on what you do value. Either via the quality of the enjoyment you receive from it or the quantity of time you can put into the higher value.

Regardless of where you think your values lie, regularly investing into improving your health will allow you to gain greater benefits from the things you value most.

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