Wealth: More than a bank account


Do you consider yourself wealthy? If so why? How do you define wealth?

images-34A quick google search reveals two definitions

1. An abundance of valuable possessions and money

2. A plentiful supply of a desirable thing

The perspective you bring will shape the way you answer these questions.

If wealth is a plentiful supply of something you desire then that opens it up to many areas. A person could be rich due to the relationships and family they have, the knowledge they possess and have built up in a certain area or even because they choose to live a lifestyle that promotes and optimises their health and wellbeing.

This second definition does not exclude the abundance of possessions or money, it opens it up to include a wider understanding of what might be a valuable possession to an individual.

For me, as a health practitioner, I place a higher value on health and wellbeing as I get to witness the pain, suffering and cost when a person looses their health. It can impact their bank account through an inability to work, it can impact their enjoyment of the valuable possessions they own but often it impacts those close to them as well. Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know.

A saying I have picked up along my journey is that in our youth we spend our health to gain wealth, only to later in life spend our wealth to regain our health.

Wealth is a state of mind and being, not just a bank account.

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