Use it or Lose it


Most of us have heard the saying “Use it or Lose it” where it refers to knowledge and skills we have learnt. It is a true statement but from it we know that you can also “Use it and Improve it”

images-72When you repeat something specific over and over again you improve your ability to do that task, skill or cement in that knowledge. You gain a level of unconscious mastery.

This is your nervous system at work, your brain building and strengthening connections to help you thrive in your world. It is why elite sports people, excellent musicians or master crafts people continue to train and practice daily. Honing and sharpening their skills, sets them apart from the crowd and allows them to express their potential.

Health is no different, what habits you repeat daily will influence your health and wellbeing. The question is, are the habits you are choosing promoting better health? Are you strengthening “Use it or Lose it” or “Use it and Improve it”?

Health is not a one time event or a destination to reach and stop at. It is a continuous journey of each choice of each day. A journey of choice for you to “Use it and Improve it”.

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