Neuroplasticity: Keeping your brain young


With so much attention being put on the growing epidemic of brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia, the research and medical fields are in full swing to help keep our brains young.

images-74Ageing is a natural process but the area of Neuroplasticity opens you up to the things you can do to help you adapt, develop and maintain healthy brain function. Neuroplasticity is your ability to create, grow and strengthen new brain connections and pathways that help you navigate your way in this world. It is these new pathways that in effect keep you young.

So what is it you can do to assist this process? Well, you need to “teach an old dog, new tricks”. New pathways come about through challenging yourself with learning new things, whether that be ideas or skills. Take up a new hobby, sport or learn that musical instrument you always wanted to be able to play. Challenge yourself with new ideas, concepts or information that stretches your current way of thinking. All of these will carve out new connections and pathways within your brain. Once you have sparked the new pathway into life, strengthen it with repetition and daily practice.

We all have the ability to rewire our brains; take up the challenge of learning something new, persist and practice because with this tailored desire you may just be your own solution to this emerging epidemic of brain disorders like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Neuroplasticity may hold the key and may help you and your brain stay young and healthy.

When you look at the alternative, what do you have to lose?

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