Health is a Decision, Not a Condition


When you shift your paradigm form health being a condition to health being a decision, actions follow. This is because thoughts precede actions and actions dictate outcomes. When a person lives from the position of their health being the results of the choices they make each day, it can lead to a life of growth and flourishing verses the fear of sickness.

usain-bolt-net-worth-how-much-earn-income-833865For millions of people around the world and across the last 122 years, chiropractic has been and is one of those decisions they make to support their health and wellbeing. Some of the more famous chiropractic patients include author Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich), Arnold Schwarzenegger, Usain Bolt and Elon Musk.  For many people who have and continue to utilise chiropractic care as part of their ongoing decisions on their health, is because they took hold of the chiropractic story.

The Chiropractic Story is simply put as…

  1. The body is a self healing, self regulating organism
  2. It is controlled and regulated by the nervous system
  3. Compromise to the nervous system interferes in the ability of the body to adapt to its internal and external environment
  4. Interference can be due to chemical, physical, emotional and electro-magnetic stressors
  5. If the body is unable to adapt to these stressors, a subluxation can occur
  6. A subluxation compromises nervous system function
  7. Compromised nervous system function affects the body’s adaptability; can lower resistance, affect performance and compromise wellbeing
  8. Because the nervous system controls and co-ordinates the body, subluxation can have whole body consequences
  9. Locating and reducing subluxations is the primary focus of Chiropractic care
  10. The essential chiropractic intervention is called an adjustment
  11. An adjustment reduces nervous system interference and improves the ability of the body to adapt
  12. Healing is a process and that requires time and is dependent on many factors
  13. Chiropractic care helps promote healing, increases wellbeing and improves human performance

Allow health to be a decision with wellness and quality of life your outcome

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