Good Vibrations


For many people they treat their health & healing like a light switch that can be turned on and off at will. Unfortunately healing is like a seed not a switch. It requires planting and being nurtured and from that it will grow and flourish.

Biofield_Image_Human_Center_of_Torus-1080x675Like the electric energy that the light switch controls to the light, your body runs on and emits energy, or another way of saying it, the body’s vibrational frequency.

In 1992, Tainio was able to quantify the body’s healthy vibrational frequency, 62-72Hz. It was also discovered that when the body’s vibrational frequency drops below 55Hz, illness begins. This aligns with the history of chiropractic being founded on tone, the vibrational frequency of the nervous system. That too much or too little tone within the nervous system leads to an altered health status and potentially symptoms, conditions & illness.

Many of the lifestyle choices made have an ability to increase or decrease this vibrational frequency. This can range from the foods eaten, the thoughts and emotions entertained, the meditation or exercise taken up or not and the treatment or therapy choices made.

Although this vibrational tone is now able to be measured with modern technology and is vitally important to a person’s health status, it is still determined by the lifestyle choices made, day in and day out.

So health is not like a switch that is turned on and off with immediate effect but like a seed that requires to be planted & nurtured.

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