From Pain to Brain


For many people who seek chiropractic care, they come with the goal of getting out of pain. They hope that the chiropractic adjustment can turn off their pain signals, but this would not be a smart idea. Although uncomfortable, pain is a very important life protecting feedback system.

aThere is a group of people who don’t feel pain, a condition known as CIP, congenital insensitivity to pain. At first glance this may sound great but to not know when you are being injured, burnt or cut becomes very serious, very quickly.

The latest chiropractic and neuroscience research is now pointing to the reasons why chiropractic has been able to and continues to help so many people with pain and so many people with conditions other than pain.

To summarise this growing body of evidence, when a person is adjusted, it improves the way their brain perceives information about the body, leading to optimised healing, muscle and organ function and response to the world you live in. The reason a person improves goes beyond the spine and nerves to the brain.

So the next time you have a back pain, you could ask yourself, is this a back problem or a brain problem?

Also which do you think might be worse?

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