Be a Voice, Not an Echo


I firmly believe that every person is valuable and has something unique to offer this world. Unfortunately many don’t take the time necessary to get to know themselves well enough to truly learn what it is that they can bring to this world. When this occurs it is often easier to just echo someone else.

The unique mission, talent and destiny you possess is something that you will have to work at, first to discover and then to master, so that you can express it with confidence and value that the world can appreciate.

To fully express your unique voice to this world, you need to be pouring from a full cup. If your cup is constantly empty then you will have nothing to give. This is where it becomes easy to echo someone else. Unfortunately this robs the world of your unique voice. This world wants the best you and not a second rate echo of another person.

PittwaterWith the very busy pace of modern life depleting many of valuable time and energy, this leads to people trying to pour from an empty cup. Trying to give of themselves when there is nothing left to give.

This leads to the question…When are you refilling your cup and what with?

How often you take the time to refill your cup and what you choose to refill it with has an influence on the unique expression of your voice. It may even influence your health and wellbeing, both physically and mentally. Ironically, how healthy you are will also impact on how well you express your unique voice to the world.

Each voice is valuable in this world so I encourage you to take the time to fill your cup regularly so that you can express your unique mission, talent and destiny because you never know how, what you say or do today will influence tomorrow.

Express your unique voice today.

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