An Attitude of Gratitude


Our thoughts, emotions and mental state can have an influence on our physical wellbeing. Because of this I try to begin and end each day with an attitude of gratitude.

images-33Research scientist, Candice Pert revealed that different emotions, whether positive or negative have corresponding chemicals which are released within the body. Through this knowledge, I have found it important to guard what I let into my mind and influence my thoughts and emotions. In modern society with 24hour access to TV, news, conflicts both local and global, some people may be negatively impacted by this more than others. Without trying to bury my head in the sand away from this reality, life can have enough challenges that there is no need to add other worries.

If we then combine this with the understanding that the cells of your body are run by memories, it amplifies the importance of a healthy state of mind and thought life. Your body replaces about 2.5 million cells each minute. This equates to about 36 billion cells each day. The memories you have created are imprinted onto the next generation of cells. Sensations like hot and cold don’t need to be re-learnt with each new generation of cells. A healthy mental state imprints healthy memories which in turn creates healthy new cells, creating a healthy new you each and every day.

Creating a mindset that allows you to be thankful for what you have and who you are, could be the simple key to living a full and healthy quality of life. You are a new person each day with the power to influence your own outcomes. Begin with an attitude of gratitude, building healthy memories that are passed on from generation to generation of cells, allowing the creator in you to build and express the magnificence of life.

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